Trisma india is a professional organization formed in 1989 by Bimal Kumar who has over 35 Years of Industrial experience in Pharmaceutical Research, Quality Assurance and Regulatory affairs and Marketing.

Our Business
We have built our business and reputation on the strength of our science base and the experience of our staff and management team. This team includes expert doctorates in pharmaceutical sciences, chemical and natural product synthesis and analytical chemistry. To ensure efficient operation the company is organised in four highly effective departments:
Research and development where synthetic routes are designed and where expert analytical and pharmacy input is applied to help identify and predict likely impurities.

Synthesis and production where reaction pathways are optimised and new chemicals are prepared in multi-gram quantities.

Preparation where techniques like preparative HPLC are applied to obtain material of the highest purity.

Analytical science and quality control where purity is determined and certified using state-of the-art measurement instrumentation.